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FreedomPop Prepaid SIMs Currently on Sale at Select Target Stores

Some Target stores are currently offering a clearance sale on FreedomPop SIMs.

According to a poster on HowardForums, the clearance sale is available in select local Target stores. The discount also depends on the particular store that you are visiting. You can use Brickseek.com to check if the discount is available in the Target store nearest you.

The poster shared that out of the 10 Target stores in his vicinity, only 2 branches offered the FreedomPop SIM at $15 instead of its $50 regular price. The other stores meanwhile continued to offer a discount on the SIM. However, this discount is not as big as the other two stores. Instead of $50, the price of the SIM  is discounted to $35.

The SIM that is offered on clearance is for FreedomPop's 12-month 1GB prepaid SIM. FreedomPop is a Sprint-powered MVNO.

Disclaimer: PrepaidPhoneNews is not affiliated with Brickseek.com. It may not also be 100% accurate so make sure to check with other Target stores in your area to find the best discount.

Source: HowardForums 


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  1. This 12-month data-only SIM uses AT&T's network, not Sprint, according to the Howard Forums poster.

  2. Brickseek shows it at $34.99. There's no mention of a $15 price. Personally, I wouldn't want Freedom Pop service even if it was free......

  3. BestBuy - FreedomPop - **12-Month** Prepaid 3-in-1 LTE SIM Card Kit 5GB - $119.99 (reg.- $149.99) - Model:FPLTESIMVD12MO5

  4. I bought 2. No credit card information is needed to active them, so no risk of hidden fees. Yes, these are for AT&T.

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