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Gen Mobile Now Has a 90-Day Multi-Month Plan

Sprint MVNO Gen Mobile now has a multi-month phone plan to offer to customers. But compared to the multi-month plans offered by other MVNOs, Gen Mobile has a few differences in them.

Gen Mobile launched its services last summer. During its launch, the MVNO unveiled a total of six phone plan options and three add-ons. The company did not offer multi-month plans unlike the rest of its competition.

Fast forward to today and the MVNO now has a 90-day offering that costs $39. This multi-month plan comes with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of 4G LTE data per month. It also comes with mobile hotspot, unlimited international calling to more than 100 countries and unlimited international texting. Data is hard capped but additional data may be purchased at $5 for 500MB.

Going back to the differences that Gen Mobile has over other MVNOs: this new multi-month phone plan is exclusively available to new customers. Once the multi-month billing cycle is completed, customers can opt to renew on a single month plan.

Gen Mobile's multi-month plan can be purchased exclusively at Amazon.

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