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H2O Wireless Will Charge Taxes and Fees Starting May 1st

H2O Wireless, an AT&T MVNO, has just announced they will be charging for taxes and fees.

News about this decision first showed up on a post on Howard Forums. The poster shared that he received a text message from H2O Wireless. Reportedly, the charge will start being implemented on May 1st. The amount, however, will vary depending on the user's location.

H2O Wireless also shared the update on a separate page on their website. Prior to today's announcement, the cost for taxes and fees have always been included in the plan. The MVNO has been paying the charges on the behalf of its customers. But starting May 1st, taxes will be charged on top of the plan.

The reason behind this separate charge, as explained by H2O Wireless, is because of new tax regulations, rising taxes, increased 911 cost, and varying tax rates from state to state.

If you are interested to know how much the charge will be in your area, you can use H2O Wireless' tax estimator tool by entering your phone number and zip code in this website.

Source: Howard Forums

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  1. H20 too joins the ranks of the especially unattractive MVNO lineup and accelerates their destiny toward the list of the defunct.

  2. One more competition soon to bite the dust?

  3. If H2O was previously paying the fees/taxes for us, does that mean the plan price will drop by a commensurate amount and the taxes/fees now added separately? Or will we have to now pay double the taxes/fees?

  4. I guess it time to move to Mint Mobile or Red Pocket.

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