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Is Lycamobile Ending Pay-As-You-Go Service Soon?

Just a few days ago, Lycamobile updated its plan options to offer more data to its users. The two plans that received an update include the $39 and $45 per month plans.

But it looks like the T-Mobile MVNO could be making a big change soon.

Lycamobile customers posted a screenshot of a text message they received from the MVNO on Howard Forums earlier today. The message shows an alert on an upcoming change that the MVNO has lined up for the company.

The text message reads: "ALERT! In 30 days, we are discontinuing Pay-As-You-Go service and your service will be suspended regardless of any account balance. For continuous service, purchase a plan at Lycamobile.us"

Right now, Lycamobile has not yet released an official statement on their latest update. After visiting their Plan Changes Update site, they have not made any updates that reflect the context of the text message. We will have to wait for the MVNO to make an official announcement soon.

Update (4/17/2019): There were comments on Howard Forums pointing out that this text message was a warning intended for users who had an inactive number. This is because Lycamobile recently changed its inactive limit from 90 to 60 days.

Unfortunately, there were also some users who used their device within 30 days. One user even made an international call three hours prior to receiving the same warning text.

Perhaps this is a glitch in Lycamobile's system.

Source: Howard Forums 


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  1. Can they legally do it ? Dont they have to provide a refund if there is a balance on the account ?

  2. no. no. no. hogwash. the guy here didn't make any calls once every 60 days to keep his number alive. yeah it is 60 days now and not 90 days. so go make call on your lyca number once every month or once every other month and you'll keep your lyca cheapo paygo number.

  3. SpeedTalk Mobile has BEST PayGo plans!! only $0.02/Voice/SMS/mb starting at $5

  4. I hope this is a mistake, I do not want to see paygo go away.

  5. I received this SMS on Apr 17. My SIM is pretty active with both outgoing and incoming regularly. So its not like I have never used the service from long..

  6. Lycamobile Pay as you go is going away , you cannot purchase anymore refills on the website , only monthly plans , i also contacted customer service for my Number porting info and they tried to switch me to a monthly plan after confirming that they are discontinuing the Pay as you go service.

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