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Republic Wireless No Longer Offering Data-Only SIM Cards

Back in December, Republic Wireless started to offer pre-loaded data-only SIM cards with two options. It looks like those options is no longer available anywhere.

To be fair, Republic Wireless only intended for these data-only plans to be available until March 12, 2019. But there are some SIM cards that continued to be honored and used according to the expiration date on these cards. So for those who were able to get a 90-day service plan in March, it will still be available for use until its service ends in June.

From the very start, these data-only plans were structured differently. There was no way for subscribers to renew the plan once the allocated service period ended. If customers wished to continue service, they needed to purchase a new SIM card. These cards were also shipped active and were ready to use. And as soon as the customer received those cards, the first day of service also started.

Right now, there is no word on whether or not the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO plans to bring back these data-only SIM cards. When it was first announced, Republic Wireless stated that they did not have plans of replenishing its current stock of SIM cards. Even the SIM cards sold through retailers like eBay and Amazon are no longer available and in stock.

Were you among those who used these data-only SIM cards? How was your experience?

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