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T-Mobile MVNOs Affected by Activation Error Issue Now Operating Normally

A few hours ago, some MVNOs running under T-Mobile's network experienced activation issues. Among those affected include Mint Mobile, Google Fi, and Republic Wireless

According to the reports, some users experienced a problem since the evening of April 9th. The users were reportedly trying to reactivate or activate for the first time when they encountered the error. Fortunately, these were the only issues that seemed to be affected by the issue. 

Mint Mobile confirmed the issue and has sent out a tweet to let users know of some technical issues with account management. The MVNO promised that they were working on fixing the issue right away and assured that service will not be interrupted. 

Google Fi also sent out a message to its users informing them that account management features are unavailable while they are undergoing maintenance checks. The service promised to make everything functional by 8:00 AM PDT, April 10th. 

Shortly after, Google Fi's Community Manager confirmed the issue and posted an update on a Reddit thread. The note says that the team has been aware of the temporary system issue and is already working on a fix. 

Thankfully, it did not take long for the team behind Google Fi to find a fix to the issue. As of 4:41 PM ET, Google Fi confirmed on Twitter that they have been able to fix the problem. They also promised that everything should already be functioning normally. Mint Mobile has also confirmed that the technical issues with account management have been fixed

If you are still encountering issues with your T-Mobile MVNO, the best way to deal with it at this point is to get in touch with your provider. 

Source: Android Central 

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