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Tello Mobile Offering Value Plan with Motorola Smartphone Bundle Deal

Tello Mobile has a new promotion specifically for new customers and switchers.

Starting today, April 22, you can enjoy a Motorola smartphone bundled up with Tello's Value Plan. Among the different devices you can choose from include the following:

  • Motorola E4 - $69 with $14 per month Value Plan bundle
  • Motorola E5 Play - $119 with $14 per month Value Plan bundle
  • Motorola G6 Play - $149 with $14 per month Value Plan bundle

The $14 per month Value Plan comes with unlimited talk and text and 1GB of 4G LTE data.

In order to switch to the Sprint MVNO and enjoy this bundle up promotion, you only have to pick out the Motorola smartphone you are interested in. After paying for the device upfront, you will only need to pay the $14 per month price for the plan.

The good news is that you can upgrade or downgrade anytime after joining, free of charge. Tello does not impose any port-in charges, so you can expect a smooth process.

This promotion ends on May 1, 2019. To know more about this promotion, visit Tello Mobile's website.

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  1. Presumably these are locked to sprint. Are these easily unlockable?

  2. I found this:

    Why are phones so expensive on Tello?
    All phones available on Tello are free of contract and unlocked. If you notice a difference in the price, it might be because competitors offer discounts based on 2 year contracts. At Tello you are free to choose what is best for you without any long term commitments. Plus, we’ll ship the phone to you for free.

    I can not find the phone I like. Can I buy from anywhere else?
    If the phone you are looking for is not available in our phone collection, you can easily buy it from any other 3rd party and bring it to Tello. Please make sure the phone is a CDMA, unlocked or Sprint-ready device.

    So... It says their phones are unlocked. I wonder if they are both CDMA/GSM compatible.

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