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Ting Mobile Donates $50,000 to Planet Water Foundation, Thanks to TPO Customers

In the spirit of goodwill, Ting Mobile has just pledged to donate $50,000 to Planet Water Foundation. This move by Ting stays true to its promise to donate $10 for every TPO (The People's Operator) Mobile customer who made the switch.

Back in November, TPO Mobile announced that it would be shutting down its operations in the U.S. This prompted their customers to look for alternatives where their service could be continued. Ting Mobile stepped in and invited its customers to switch to their service. And since TPO Mobile's main selling point was setting aside a portion of their customers' bill to pay to a charity of their choice, Ting Mobile made a reasonable promise.

The promise was that they would be donating $10 for every customer who made the switch. True enough, Ting has acquired around 5,000 customers; leading to the T-Mobile MVNO to pledge to donate $50,000 to Planet Water Foundation. This foundation was selected as the recipient because it was among the most popular organizations that previous TPO customers supported.

With this donation, Planet Water Foundation has more assistance in bringing clean water to communities throughout the world. And of course, Ting Mobile isn't able to make that donation without the help of former TPO customers who made the move.

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  1. Well instead of giving their customers savings, they sent money to some "not-for profit" to clean up other countries water while there is trouble back at home. Fluoridated water, flint michigan water, california (https://www.newsdeeply.com/water/articles/2017/07/05/systemic-failure-why-1-million-californians-lack-safe-drinking-water)

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