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Ting Mobile: To Offer 30GB Wi-Fi Hotspot Device for $25/Month

Nowadays, staying online and connected to friends and family members is a must. By staying connected, you get to know the latest trends and happenings around the world.

Not to mention, being online can help you whenever you're in a rut. You can simply take out your smartphone and look for assistance on whatever it is you need. After that, you'll be all set to do your tasks.

Ting Mobile has added a new internet hotspot device that you can use to stay connected. Right now, Ting's Wi-Fi hotspot device is not yet available to purchase. But it is available for pre-orders.

The Wi-Fi hotspot device comes with 30GB of LTE data at a price of $25 per month with no contracts. The mobile data internet connection runs on Sprint's CDMA network. This means that you can use the hotspot device wherever there's a Sprint connection.

To get the hotspot device, Ting requires you to have an active account with at least another device. If you are interested to get this hotspot device, click here to learn more about Ting's offer.

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  1. Except Sprint has the worst 4GLTE coverage in the nation, and their speed is also nothing to write home about. However for those that are in Sprint's 4GLTE service area with only residential ISP charging $60+/month for service, and are single, this may be SOMEWHAT viable so long as you consciously limit your bandwidth usage and video-watching habits.

  2. "...click here to learn more about Ting's offer."
    Umm, click where? (no link)

  3. Looks like an R850 to me. CDMA network? I thought these were LTE only.

  4. Per Ting's web page: "In order to get a Ting hotspot, you’ll need to have an account active with at least one other device."

  5. I already have 2 of these devices from FreedomPop. Can’t contact them to re activate them. Impossible to get help from them or Ting at this point. Why buy another unusable device?

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