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TracFone Now Offers 500 Minute Add-On for $10

TracFone has just unveiled a new service add-on for its customers. The new add-on can be seen on the website of the America Movil-owned company.

The service add-on costs $10 and comes with 500 minutes with no service days.

With this new service add-on available from TracFone, the options available include the following:

  • $10 - Global Calling add-on
  • $10 - 500 Minute Card add-on
  • $10 - 1GB Data add-on
  • $5 - 1,000 Texts add-on

The new service add-on is available online from TracFone. 

Source: TracFone 

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  1. what does no service days mean?

    1. It means, your service end date will remain the same. Until you add a card with minutes, and service days.

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