Ultra Mobile Doing Its Part to Help Refugees in America

Ultra Mobile has just unveiled a new partnership that aims to do its part in helping refugees.

Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO announced its partnership with Ads-Up, a not-for-profit charity that aims to help refugees as they resettle in America.

With this partnership, Ultra Mobile will be providing 1000 months of service to affected refugees. In doing so, these individuals have access to information, resources and communities that could help provide them the independence they need to start fresh in the country.

Access to mobile service is something that many individuals tend to take for granted these days. But for refugees, this is very critical for them. It was discovered that whenever refugees first arrive in a new country, they use the very limited cash they have with them to purchase a SIM card. They use this to make their families back home know they are safe. In addition to that important phone call, they use mobile service to get in touch with potential employers, communicate with friends and family, find information, and even see maps of their new neighborhood. It also gives them access to support provided by groups like Ads-Up.

With their phone acting as their only source of internet service, having access to unlimited data is important. This is where the MVNO steps in.

Through the partnership, refugees gain access to mobile service with unlimited nationwide talk and text, unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited calling to over 80 destinations, and Call Anywhere credit to over 200 destinations. With Ultra Mobile's access to providing service in countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, refugees from those nations are able to keep in touch with their loved ones who are keen on hearing from them.

Apart from providing mobile service, Ultra Mobile's partnership with Ads-Up includes sponsoring the upcoming inaugural Ads-Up Gala Auction. The event, which takes place in New York City on April 25th, aims to honor, raise funds, and gain additional support for refugees under Ads-Up's care. As of this writing, Ads-Up is providing assistance to 1,250 refugees being resettled under the US-America refugee deal. The non-profit charity group has over 300 volunteers doing their part to provide assistance to political refugees.

By partnering with Ultra Mobile, Ads-Up is able to support refugees minimize the intimidation and financial dilemma they face when they first arrive in a new country. The partnership serves as an investment into the future of the supported refugees.

Source: Ultra Mobile 

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