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Upcoming Boost Mobile Promotions to Look Out For

Sprint prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, will be launching new promotions for the devices it carries.

The report comes from NWIDA, who shares that these promotions will go live starting April 16th: 

  • LG K30 - New Add-A-Line promo for $20
  • LG Stylo 4 - Free 
  • LG Tribute Dynasty - New Add-A-Line promo for $10

Boost Mobile will also be offering an upgrade and get select Add-A-Line phones for free promotion. This promotion is applicable to existing customers who get an upgrade. They will also be entitled to a new phone on port-in pricing for a new line activation.

The report also shows that Metro by T-Mobile or Cricket Wireless customers who wish to switch to Boost Mobile will be able to enjoy $10 off on their monthly rate for life.

Lastly, the report states that stores selling certified Pre-owned iPhone 7 devices will start offering this device at $49.99. This discounted price, however, is only applicable to eligible port-ins.

Again, these promotions are not yet live on Boost Mobile. They will start on April 16.

Source: NWIDA


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  1. I'm a Simple Mobile customer. Switching to Boost Mobile, would I get $10 off on my $25 monthly rate for life? Also would I be able to get a free LG Stylo 4 device in the same deal? Or do I have to settle for either the monthly or the free Stylo 4?

    1. boost doesn't have a 25. plan... their plan is 50. so you would get it for 40. and as long as you port your number you will ALSO get a free phone

    2. I see now that the $25 Simple Mobile monthly plan is probably not eligible for the $10 discount for life upon porting in to Boost Mobile. However, I'm not fully understanding the Tribute Dynasty and K30 offers. Is it that the phones are $10/$20 when existing customers add a line?

  2. So cricket customers can buy the used iPhone 7 in $50 ( maybe the activation is another $10 or $25 extra) and the $50 dollar plan I can pay only $40 after $10 discount..?

  3. any news on this?

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