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Verizon Unveils New Plan Specifically for 'Just Kids'

With all the information within reach of kids, it's easy to understand why more and more parents are looking for ways they can be in control of their kids online habits. And even if they are already in control over these things, some fraudulent and unsafe material still manage to go through.

This is what Verizon's new service hopes to achieve.

Earlier today, Verizon officially unveiled a new service specifically designed for kids. The new service, called "Just Kids", comes in the form of a plan with limited usage and access to content.

Pricing starts at $5/month but can also be added as a new line of service to an existing family account; which will lower its price.

So what does Verizon's Just Kids plan include? 

For starters, the plan comes with unlimited talk and text to only 20 contacts that have been predefined by the parent. Verizon has also added its Safety Mode feature, which gives the plan 5GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited 2G data thereafter.

Streaming functionality is limited to 480p (DVD quality). Once the data cap has been reached, parents won't have to worry about overages. The plan does not include international calls and texts, mobile hotspot support, or free access to Apple Music.

As an added bonus to the Just Kids plan, Verizon is giving complimentary access to its Smart Family Premium controls. This regularly costs an extra $9.99/month price and lets users access content filters, location tracking with alerts, and screen time management. As a parent, this lets you see what your child does on his smartphone.

What's the catch? 

Unfortunately, Verizon's Just Kids plan is not available to all customers. Existing customers can add the Just Kids plan to their account if they are already subscribed to one of the three unlimited LTE data plans offered by Verizon. This means that it is not available on shared data plan or prepaid plan options. Hopefully, Verizon eventually decides to offer this to the latter.

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