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Visible Launches Referral Program for Customers

Earlier this month, Visible unveiled a Swap program that allowed customers to trade an old Android device for a new one. Now, it seems like the Verizon's low-cost service has come up with another way for its customers to save more money on their monthly bills.

Introducing Visible's new Referral Program. Each member who successfully gets a friend to sign up for service will be entitled to $20 off their monthly bill.

The same discount applies on the first bill of the friend who activates service under Visible. The credit rolls over every month up to a year. This means that members get to save up to $240 in referral bonus.

Visible is also offering the $20 discount on your first bill after signing up for service even if you don't have any friends who are existing Visible members. You can click here for the referral link.

When you sign up for service, you only have one plan to choose from Visible. The service offers a $40 per month plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data under Verizon's network. Mobile hotspot usage is included in the plan.

Source: PhoneDog 


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  1. I might try them when they offer lower tier plans and multiline discounts (family plans).

  2. It doesnt work just clicking here as stated! on Checkout its still the 40 dollars, chatted with them & you need an actual code

  3. Just the first month

  4. Right thats what I meant, It doesnt't work as stated here for the first month without an actual code!?

  5. $20 for the first month worked for me

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