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Altice's Mobile Service Could Cost Less than Its Competitors

Earlier this month, Altice USA revealed that they are getting ready to launch their new mobile MVNO service. Their target date for the big launch is during the summer, which means that it could be happening real soon.

Today's reports show that Altice hopes to make its mobile wireless service cost half the price that major carriers charge customers.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the cable company plans to let its own employees test out the new mobile service over the next few weeks. The report also shows Altice's pricing, which will be between $20 and $30 per month. A representative for the company, however, says that the pricing has not yet been finalized.

Altice's new mobile service will operate under Sprint's network. It will also be supported by Altice's own network consisting of customers' home Wi-Fi networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots. Ever since it partnered with Sprint almost a year ago, the company has been able to deploy over 19,000 small cells.

The company's CEO Dexter Goei has remained hopeful that the service will be profitable "right out of the box."

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  1. For Sprint network it can be cheaper than $20 per month

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