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Altice's MVNO Service Could Launch This Summer

Altice USA is in its final stages of launching its new mobile MVNO service. And it looks like the MVNO service could be available by summer.

During the company's Q1 earnings call transcribed by Motley Fool, CEO Dexter Goei shared that they are "on track for a full commercial launch this summer."

Right now, the company has undergone a heavy testing phase before it launches the service. The CEO shared that they have already built partnerships with major mobile handset manufacturers and even developed their IT platforms for a "digital-first experience." When asked about pricing information, the CEO declined to disclose any information. Goei promised this would be made available as soon as the launch date draws nearer.

In less than one year, Altice has already been able to deploy over 19,000 small cells. This was done through its partnership with Sprint. The deployment, commended as the "fastest rollout of its kind" in the country, has been able to make "significant" improvements on network performance. The CEO said that their core network infrastructure is ready to go and would give them full access control on customer experience. It would also help manage traffic better. 

Compared to the other cable providers that have ventured into mobile services, Altice's MVNO is at an advantage since it has an infrastructure-based approach. The CEO believes their service has a "relatively attractive wholesale economics". This is in line with its former statement that their MVNO will depend on Sprint's radio access network (RAN) only. Meanwhile, Altice will be taking over the other aspects of the mobile service. This includes the SIM, data and internet access, rate charging, voice messaging, roaming and network partners, billing, and customer care.

In doing so, Altice believes it is better positioned to provide for its customers.

Source: FierceWireless 

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