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Amazon: Also Interested in Acquiring Boost Mobile

Just a few days ago, reports surfaced that there are two companies interested in acquiring Boost Mobile in the event that Sprint decides to sell this prepaid brand. Today, a third company has shown its interest in the same brand and it looks like it is one tough competition.

As reported by Reuters, online retail giant, Amazon, is considering sending in a bid for the prepaid business. The publication's unnamed sources shared that this is the company's way of getting into the wireless business.

According to the publication, the deal is appealing to Amazon since it would provide them access to the wireless network of new T-Mobile for the next six years. Once the merger gets approved, both T-Mobile and Sprint could be forced to divest their spectrum assets. When this happens, Amazon wants in on the action and be able to obtain those licenses.

As news of Amazon's interest in acquiring the business broke, the carrier's stocks dropped. This reflected the fears of the investors that Amazon could use its scale to create a large competitive threat.

The other companies that have shown interest in acquiring Boost Mobile include its founder, Peter Adderton, Q Link, and an unnamed private equity firm that has been linked with FreedomPop.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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