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Apple iPhone XR Discounted at Best Buy

Best Buy is currently offering the iPhone XR at a discount.

As shared by PhoneArena, the device is currently on sale with qualified activation. This means that you can pick out a carrier of your choice.

One option is activating with a new account or line of service from Sprint. Instead of paying $31.25 a month for two years, the deal lets you pay almost half of the amount. You only need to pay $15 a month, which leads to a sum of $360. Without the discount, you would have to pay another $390 on the total amount.

And if you opt for a one-time payment for the device with Sprint activation, you get to save $100. Verizon also has a $50 discount on both outright and monthly installment plans.

Regularly, the price for the iPhone XR starts at $749.99. It is still considered as one of the top-reviewed high-end devices.

You can check out the deal here.

Source: PhoneArena

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