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AT&T Prepaid Gives Double Data to New Customers

AT&T Prepaid is currently offering a promotion for new customers. The promotion gives customers two times data on the $50 per month plan offered by the prepaid service.

The $50 per month plan usually comes with unlimited talk, text, 8GB of high speed data, mobile hotspot, and HD video. Instead of 8GB of data, the new promotion gives customers 16GB of high speed data.

In order to enjoy the double data promotion, you will have to purchase an AT&T Prepaid phone or bring your own, activate service under the $50 per month plan, and sign up for AutoPay. The AutoPay discount brings down the cost of the plan to $40.

Once the high speed data allotment has been used up, the data speed will be reduced to a maximum of 128Kbps.

AT&T Prepaid's Double the Data promotion is available until July 11, 2019. It is available at AT&T stores and Walmart.

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  1. is double data for a limited time, or endless?

  2. Switched from Cricket to AT&T Prepaid at the AT&T store. They refused to give me "double data" because Cricket is an AT&T MVNO. The deal is only for new port-ins.

    1. Next time port over to a t-mo prepaid plan (SIM ~ $3 on eBay if you can't find free/cheap near you) then to AT&T.

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