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Boom! Mobile Ends Service Under Sprint's Network, Affected Users Migrated to Ting

Boom! Mobile is no longer offering service under Sprint's network.

Earlier today, Boom! Mobile sent out an email to customers affected by the new change. The email explains the decision of the company and details how affected customers will be getting the help they need to migrate to another provider. The email also talks about a Ting-exclusive offer that affected customers can opt for.

The email reads: "All customers that use a Sprint (CDMA) device on Boom! Mobile will be moved to Ting Mobile, an industry-leading service provider on the Sprint network. You can keep your phone and your number. Ting has a compelling exclusive offer just for Boom! Mobile CDMA customers: $20 per line with unlimited talk, text and data."

BestMVNO spoke with a customer service representative from Ting and shared that this plan includes unlimited data up to 50GB of high speed data. Normally, Ting does not offer any unlimited data plans. So this exclusive offer is one that truly makes an interesting deal.

A thread on Howard Forums also discussed the issue. Boom Mobile's founder, Jeff Holley, took this as an opportunity to clear the air. The executive shared that they have plans to introduce new consumer-oriented plans under AT&T's network. The timeline for the new plan will be within 30 days. Once they are able to introduce those plans, Boom Mobile will then be offering Verizon- and AT&T-based plans.

Source: BestMVNO


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