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Charter Reveals Spectrum Mobile Earnings & Plans for Future

In its recent quarterly earnings call, executives from Charter shared its wireless plans in the future. One area the company is looking into is on how they can make use of its licensed and unlicensed spectrum as something its MVNO could potentially offer.

Seeking Alpha provided a transcript of the call where CEO Thomas Rutledge explained how they are "currently testing the possibility to broaden the mobile capabilities of our network using a combination of Dual SIM technology with unlicensed and potentially licensed spectrum deployed in home, in business, on strand and across our 51 million passings."

Rutledge is referring to its Spectrum Mobile business that it launched in July last year. This MVNO business operates under Verizon's network. The two companies have entered into an agreement and is augmented by around 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots operated by Charter.

This isn't the first time the CEO talked about its plans to look into eSim and Dual SIM technologies. A while back, Rutledge has expressed interest in these two technologies as a way for Charter to operate both its own network and an MVNO on the same device. The difference with today's announcement is that the company is actively searching for ways they can minimize its capex for the product.

One way they are experimenting on this is by moving mobile traffic onto unlicensed spectrum. In particular, the CEO is referring to the 3.5GHz CBRS band for Spectrum Mobile; which can be available to Charter at no charge. The company is also working on expanding its capabilities for Wi-Fi hotspot. It is possible that they build a wireless network under CBRS spectrum.

In addition to its plans for the future, Charter revealed that Spectrum Mobile added 176,000 new lines during the quarter. With the new lines added, the MVNO has a mobile customer base of 310,000. They also earned a total of $140 million mobile revenue during the quarter.

The CEO is confident that Spectrum Mobile will continue to gain new customers as subscribers for voice and video continue to decline. Once it is more stable, Rutledge believes Spectrum Mobile can be profitable as a standalone brand. However, Charter CTO Chris Winfrey believes 2019 will likely not yet be a profitable year for the MVNO.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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