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H2O Wireless Removing International Talk from Pay-As-You-Go Plans

It looks like H2O Wireless will be removing international talk from Pay-As-You-Go real soon.

Yesterday, a poster on Howard Forums shared a text message he received from the AT&T MVNO earlier this month. The user shared that he saw the text message on two H2O Pay-As-You-Go phones used by his relatives.

The text message reads:

"International talk will be removed from your plan on June 1, 2019. Check out our $20 unlimited plan for international talk."

The text message includes a bit.ly link where more information could be learned about the announcement. But after clicking on the link, the user shared that he wasn't able to find more information.

It seems like H2O Wireless is making important changes to how it does things. Just last month, it announced that it will start charging taxes and fees on May 1st. Perhaps these changes are all part of the Telrite acquisition.

We'll have to check with an official representative to learn more about their announcement on removing international talk beginning June 1st.

Source: Howard Forums

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