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Metro by T-Mobile Now Offering Free LG Stylo 4 for Switchers

Earlier this month, Boost Mobile announced that they were offering a free LG Stylo 4 for switchers.

Metro by T-Mobile has responded to this promotion by offering the same smartphone and several other options free for switchers.

As spotted by Wave7 Research, Metro by T-Mobile has unveiled a free LG Stylo 4 promotion for switchers.

In addition to the LG Stylo 4, there are other devices that the T-Mobile prepaid brand is offering for free to those who decide to switch to the network.

If you are planning to switch to Metro by T-Mobile, here are the devices you can get for free:

  • Alcatel 1X Evolve
  • Alcatel 7
  • Alcatel GO Flip
  • Coolpad Defiant
  • LG Aristo 2
  • LG Aristo 3
  • LG K20 Plus
  • LG K30
  • LG Stylo 4
  • Motorola Moto E Play (5th Gen)
  • Samsung Galaxy J2
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Silver
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
  • ZTE Avid 4

In order to get the free phone, you will have to subscribe to one of their unlimited data plans at least $50 or higher. 

To know more about Metro by T-Mobile's plans, visit this link


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  1. $50 per month for overpriced service is over $1000 every two years. Not much of a "free" phone. Follow the prepaid paradigm and save a lot of money by buying your own phone.

    1. It's my understanding that you can downgrade the rate plan after the 1st initial sign up month. Doesn't metro offer a $30 per month single user plan?

    2. 30x6=180 too much to pay

  2. "Of course free means you will still have to pay any applicable sales tax on the phone as well as a $10 - $15 activation fee. MetroPCS unlimited LTE data plans start at $50/month with taxes and fees included"

  3. So if I switch how much it's going to cost me

  4. Metro hurt themselves when they increased the price of their family plan 50%. Why pay metro $150 for 4 unlimited lines when Cricket, Boost and some MVNOs are $100?

    1. You need new glasses. Metro x 4 = $100.

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