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Report Shows Sprint Will No Longer Activate CDMA Only Devices

Earlier this year, Boost Mobile customers received a notification that Sprint will no longer be supporting 3G devices.

This was later clarified on a forum post that Sprint will only be "sunsetting activation of legacy devices," which related to WiMAX, 2G- or 3G-only devices. But it looks like there could be a new update to this.

As reported by NWIDA, Sprint (along with its prepaid brands and MVNOs) may no longer be activating or allowing changes to be made on CDMA only devices.

The website shared that the MVNOs it spoke to said that they will continue to sell its current CDMA handset supply since these have been "frozen" and "pre-activated".

Once the supply runs out, they will no longer replenish these devices.

You can read the full report here.

Source: NWIDA 

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  1. Does this include the J7 Perx?

  2. The J7 Perx is an not a CDMA only device.

  3. Pretty sure this is the list,


  4. I have the sprint samsung glaxay note 4 and its a CDMA only phone and its work perfectly

    1. Leave Sprint with it then try to reactivate, Sprint may refuse to ACTIVATE or intimate new service in it. Sprint is not shutting down CDMA, yet.

  5. A Note 4 is not a 2G/3G only device........

  6. Tried to activate my Samsung SPH-D710 4G phone I keep as a spare at the Sprint Store in Frisco, TX. They said it not allowed. Even though it's not on the list as of 5/15/19 published on website. Also experienced a major conflict between Sprint and Ashurian on my original HTC One M9 repair. They told me they could not complete a repair started at the 800-584-3666 call center or Ashurian online. Even though I was instructed twice to take it to the Sprint repair store. Almost seemed they only wanted to sell me a phone. NOT repair mine. $15 per month premium, no claims in over 25 months to Ashurian. Condition: Battery bad, won't hold charge, phone and glass in pristine condition due to Life Case from day one.

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