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Republic Wireless Introduces 3 Annual Plans to Choose From

Lately, there have been a number of MVNOs to start offering multi-month plans. The latest to offer this is Republic Wireless.

Earlier today, the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO unveiled three annual plans called Annual My Choice Plan:

  • $150 per year plan - Includes unlimited talk and text (Regular pay by month rate: $15 per month)
  • $200 per year plan - Includes unlimited talk, text, 1GB of data (Regular pay by month rate $20 per month)
  • $250 per year plan - Includes unlimited talk, text, 2GB of data (Regular pay by month rate $25 per month)

Each plan comes with hard capped data. Additional data may be purchased at a rate of $5 per GB. The prices above don't include taxes and fees yet.

Republic Wireless' annual plan is not refundable. Before you subscribe to one of the plans mentioned above, you will need to subscribe to a monthly plan. The plan also does not auto-renew. If you would like to renew your plan for another year, you have to do it manually. Otherwise, your plan will be switched back to the monthly plan you subscribed to from the start. Throughout the duration of the plan, you cannot make any changes to the plan. But you can add a one-time data purchase.

In line with the annual plan's introduction, Republic Wireless is running a promotion where you can get two months of service for free. You just need to sign up for one of the annual plans and you'll be entitled to the free two months of service.

To know more about these plans, visit Republic Wireless' website.

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. mint is 3gb for 180 on same tmobile, republic should be cheaper aint it? since they even have free version?

  2. Fail, Mint has better plans for same price

  3. Is there any source that provides a comprehensive list of MVNOs that offer multi-month plans?

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