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Samsung Galaxy S10 Discounted at Costco for T-Mobile Users

T-Mobile customers have an exclusive deal at Costco they can take advantage of.

If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone at $150 off. Apart from the Galaxy S10, you can also get the Galaxy S10e at $200 off and a Galaxy S10+ at $150 off.

You won't even need to trade in a device to get the discount. In addition to not requiring a trade in device, the deal does not require a new line.

The catch for this deal is that only Costco members can get the deal. So if you are both a T-Mobile and Costco member, you can get either device at a discount. You can also opt to be a member at Costco, which costs at least $60 per year.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 offer at Costco is not available online. You will have to go to a nearby Costco warehouse to purchase the device.

The promotion is valid until May 16.

Source: PhoneArena  

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