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Some Boost Mobile Customers Affected by Data Breach

Boost Mobile customers are the latest victims of a data breach.

Earlier today, the Sprint prepaid provider revealed that they experienced data breach on their website. The announcement showed that the breach took place on March 14 this year.

The provider revealed that some of the data that was accessed by the hacker included their customers' phone number and Boost.com PIN code.

There was no announcement on how many customers were affected by the hack. Boost Mobile did not also reveal how the hackers were able to obtain the PINs of their customers.

As required by the California attorney general, Boost Mobile has notified the agency about the attack. This is a requirement for companies that have over 500 people in the state affected by a security incident.

In the meantime, the prepaid brand confirmed that their fraud team was able to discover the incident and already implemented a permanent solution so that similar unauthorized account activity may be prevented.

With the breached data, hackers are able to access the accounts of Boost Mobile customers via their Boost.com website. These codes can then be used to make changes to the account. In response to this, the prepaid provider has sent out a temporary PIN to affected customers via a text message. Customers are then encouraged to set a new, permanent PIN code.

If you are a Boost Mobile customer who received a text message containing a temporary PIN, we suggest that you do.

You can read the official notice here.

Source: TechCrunch 

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