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Tello Celebrating 3rd Anniversary With Promotion for New & Existing Customers

And just like that, it's already Tello's 3rd year in the business. In line with its anniversary, the Sprint MVNO is running a promotion for both new and existing customers. Additionally, the company is running a giveaway for an iPhone 8 and a year of free service.

New Customer Promotion

New customers who join Tello between May 7 to 16 get a one-of-a-kind offer. Throughout the promotion period, Tello's plans are all $3.

As a new customer, you can choose any plan combination you prefer and only pay $3 for the first month of service. Once the first month is over, you'll need to pay the regular price for the plan selected. No coupon is necessary for this promotion. You simply need to create an account and bring your phone (or get one from Tello).

Tello's plans do not require contracts or fees. This means that you are free to upgrade or downgrade anytime you like.

Existing Customer Promotion

Existing customers who plan to buy a phone plan combination can also earn Tello Dollars. The plan combinations included in this offer are:

  • 3GB data + unlimited talk & text = $10 account credit
  • 4GB data + unlimited talk & text = $15 account credit
  • 10GB data + unlimited talk & text = $20 account credit

The plan needs to be purchased between May 7-21 to be eligible for the account credit. You can then use your Tello Dollars to make future phone bill payments or to purchase a new phone from Tello. You can earn more Tello Dollars when you refer a friend. 

Free Plan Promotion

In addition to the above mentioned promotion, existing customers can also get a chance to get one month free service under the $39 plan. As explained by Tello, this promotion is for a special list of 10 VIP clients. No further explanation was given so it's best to clear this up with a representative from the company.

Free iPhone 8 + One Year of Service Giveaway

Lastly, Tello is giving away a free iPhone 8 along with one year of service. The first contest starts on May 14th. You can follow their Facebook page to know how you can join this giveaway.

Source: Tello 

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