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Verizon Prepaid Brings Back Double Data Offer for the Third Time

Verizon Prepaid is bringing back its promotion called Double Data on VIDAPAY.

Starting tomorrow, May 21st, customers can enjoy double the data amount on any Verizon Prepaid plan they activate (except for the $60 unlimited plan). By purchasing service under this promotion, you get to enjoy double data on these plans:

  • $30 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data (regularly 500 MB)
  • $40 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text and 6GB of data (regularly 3GB)
  • $50 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text, and 16GB of data (regularly 8GB)

The plans do not include taxes and fees yet and will cost extra.

The Double Data promotion is exclusively available on VIDAPAY. You will have to head to the nearest VIDAPAY store in order to enjoy the perks from the promotion. Check out the location of a VIDAPAY store nearest you by clicking on this link.

The last time Verizon Prepaid brought back this promotion was in September last year. By bringing back this promotion, it is already the third time Verizon Prepaid has offered it to customers. The first was about a year ago. Like the past offers, there is no mention of an end date.

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  1. Unless Vzw is the only good coverage in your area, Att prepaid & Mintmobile have better plans

  2. https://www.verizonwireless.com/prepaid/ same deal available from verizon directly as well

  3. But when do these deals typically last?

  4. I have the 15GB 50$ plan w/autopay which is $45. As long as it stays on autopay the extra GB stays forever

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