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Verizon Prepaid Will No Longer Offer $65 Unlimited LTE Data Hotspot Plan

It was only a few weeks ago that people started noticing Verizon's $65 prepaid unlimited LTE data hotspot plan for tablets and jetpack devices was missing from the website.

Noticing a pattern with how other carriers act before a plan is removed, many started to speculate that Verizon Prepaid would no longer be carrying this plan option.

BestMVNO earlier announced from its source that the plan is set to end on May 21. According to the Verizon Prepaid dealer they spoke to, existing subscribers under the plan will be grandfathered into it.

Right now, there is no information on what will replace the plan. There is a HowardForums post that shares some details that could potentially be its replacement. The post shares that there will be a $70 plan that will include 15GB of 4G LTE data. This plan gets discounted to $65 with auto-pay.

It's important to note that this isn't an official announcement yet. We still have to wait for Verizon Prepaid to make an announcement on what new plan they will start offering as a replacement for the $65 prepaid unlimited LTE data hotspot plan.

Source: BestMVNO

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  1. VZW pre-paid can keep it. Boom is starting to look better and better.......

  2. New plan $70 for 15GB? DOA

  3. Boom plans sucks.. imo

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