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Walmart Family Mobile Giving Away $50 eGift Card With Your Phone + Plan Purchase

Walmart Family Mobile wants your next phone purchase to be with them. Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO unveiled a few promotions with a phone and plan purchase.

According to the deal spotted by Wave7 Research, customers who purchase a device priced $49 or higher along with a wireless plan can receive an eGift card worth $50. All of the phone plans offered by Walmart Family Mobile are eligible for the promotion. 

The phone and the plan must be purchased at the same time either online or in store. The two must be purchased before July 31, 2019. After purchasing, the customer needs to send a photo of their shipment confirmation email or receipt to https://wfmgiftcard.com. This needs to be done before 11:59:59 PM PST of August 15 in order to get they eGift card.

The offer has a maximum $100 worth of eGift cards to give to each receipt. This amount covers the purchase made on two phones and two single line plans. It is also enough to cover two phones with a two-line unlimited data plan offered by Walmart Family Mobile.

For more information on this promotion, visit Walmart Family Mobile's website.

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. I purvhes 2 phones and 2 plans and mever got my gift card . I even send the recipe twice

    1. I had purchase many cell phones from Wal-Mart on 82nd itty and when I did I paid over 130 and in accessories. Why? Did I not receive my gift card it's been about 2 months! I diapointed in your falls flyer you have!! So I will call the main office and explain what had happened.

  2. Can't find where to send the verification code to??

  3. Can't get an answer from anyone how to redeem my verification code for my gift card

  4. Same bs. Hey had to call customer service and send emails and all kinds of extra crap to get mine the first time and now i bought a new phone and have to doit all over again!

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