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AT&T Bags This Year's Fastest Mobile Network Title

AT&T is PCMag's new Fastest Mobile Network provider.

In its 10th annual Fastest Mobile Networks feature, PCMag has gone out to look for the network provider with the fastest service in terms of account downloads, uploads, reliability, consistency, and latency.

The survey took information from 30 major US cities and 6 rural areas. In each of these 30 cities, analysts from PCMag stopped in over 12 locations and tested out the service using Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. Using the results they gathered, the team analyzed the data in six categories to figure out who the clear winner was.

For the first time in six years, AT&T has taken the top spot for the Fastest Mobile Network. In the past few years, the title belonged to Verizon Wireless. Out of the 30 cities, AT&T won or was tied in 15. The same result was experienced across the rural regions.

PCMag attributes "AT&T's big push to improve its 4G LTE network in preparation for 5G" as a factor in its success to becoming the fastest mobile network in the country in 2019. Even though AT&T's coverage has always been exemplary, the 5G Evolution upgrades it made this year helped catapult the network's download speeds.

In clarification, PCMag shares that this win for AT&T does not indicate that either Verizon or T-Mobile have worse networks compared to their past performances. When it comes to speed and reliability, all four major networks have improved in the past year. AT&T, meanwhile, improved the most out of the bunch.

For more information on the results of the survey, visit PCMag's website.

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