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AT&T Prepaid Offering Exclusive 25GB Data Under $50 Per Month Plan Activations at Walmart

AT&T Prepaid has a new offer exclusively for customers who buy an AT&T Prepaid phone at Walmart and activate a new line of service.

If you are planning on buying a new AT&T Prepaid phone, head over to Walmart for an exclusive offer. The prepaid brand is currently offering 25GB of high speed data under new activations under their $50 per month plan.

Normally, this plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 8GB of high speed data only. There is also the included mobile hotspot and unlimited talk and text while traveling in Canada or Mexico. AT&T Prepaid has also added in international texting from US to over 100 countries at no extra cost.

According to the fine print, subscribers can enjoy the free 17GB data each month once they renew their plan. What this means is that you will not get to enjoy the 25GB data upon activation. It will be added to your account within 10 days of activation. After renewing the plan, you will receive the bonus data within 2 days.

There is no mention whether this is a limited time offer or not. To know more information about the offer, visit AT&T Prepaid's website.

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  1. Get a $10 discount each month when you sign up for AutoPay

  2. Fine print on AT&T website says offer valid thru 1/27/2019. Older promo that wasn't removed from site?

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