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Boost Mobile Launches "Store in Store" Concept in Florida

Over the course of one year, Sprint has dramatically reduced its presence in retail stores. The same has been observed with Sprint's prepaid brands, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. The wireless carrier exited Target stores back in March, while its prepaid brands exited last year. Meanwhile, Boost Mobile stopped being sold in Dollar General in 2018. The prepaid brands were pulled out from Best Buy just a couple of months ago. Now, it looks like there's another store that is being added on the list.

According to Wave7 Research, the prepaid brands are no longer available at Meijer. The two brands disappeared from the store last month. With its disappearance, Sprint has reduced retail presence of the brands in over 240 Meijer locations throughout the midwest.

Although this may be a cause of concern for some, Sprint seems to have other plans for the business. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that Sprint has tested a "store within a store" concept in a Walgreens store a few months back. After the trial run in Gainesville, the concept has since expanded to a few more locations. Right now, there are over 80 stores in Dallas and Chicago that follow this concept.

This expansion seems to follow the tweet that Sprint Chairman, Marcelo Claure, sent out last summer. The executive shared that Sprint had expanded into a total of 700 Walmart stores. It's important to note, however, that this represents twice as much Walmart stores that carry the brand.

In addition to this new concept, Boost Mobile is reportedly testing out a "Custom 4.0 store-in-store" concept at a grocery store called Fresco y Mas. This store has 26 locations throughout Florida and is owned by Southeastern Grocers Inc. There's no word on how many branches are carrying this concept store. The first store concept was launched in May 22.

While Sprint seems to be trying out a concept store for Boost Mobile, there doesn't seem to be too much effort on its other prepaid brand, Virgin Mobile. Additionally, there hasn't been any major promotions to boost the brand's products.

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