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FreedomPop Customers Automatically Upgraded to $3.99/Month Plan

If you are a FreedomPop user, you might want to check the status of your existing plan.

As posted by 7up17togo on Reddit, the provider has automatically upgraded some free Sprint service plans to a $3.99 Pro plan. 

You can keep an eye out for an email titled “!!!FREEDOMPOP NEWS!!!” since it contains information that your free plan was automatically changed. If you open the email, you should see a “Click Here” link that will stop this from happening.

The link reads:

Good news, you qualify for FreedomPop's Pro 500 MB plan which includes your current 500 MB of high speed data PLUS our new VIP customer service and data rollover. Your account will be upgraded to the Pro 500 plan at your next billing cycle at which point your new plan price will be just $3.99/month.
If you would prefer to keep your existing Basic plan, please use the following link and make selection to continue with existing plan: my.freedompop.com/sprint-plan
Note: If you have multiple accounts, please make sure you are logged-in the correct account. You are required to do this step for each account.”

- FreedomPop Support

The $3.99 plan that customers are upgraded to includes 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data.

As of this writing, FreedomPop's customers under a free AT&T plan do not seem to be affected by the automatic upgrade. Still, it would be best to check your email for any such notice.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. They require $20 top up to downgrade. Most people will probably cancel, which is what FreedomPop is after most likely.

    1. Looks like if there is existing top-up, then it does not charge you additional top-up... so just those with $0 top-up.

  2. Check your spam/junk email folder - that's where I found my FP unauthorized upgrade email.

    1. I did not find any email from freedompop... I checked primary, junk, and trash in my gmail... nothing.

  3. Upgrading without customer consent is a scam. Looks like they are hoping people would not read that email nor notice the $3.99 per month charge on their credit card statement... result in record profit for the company. Everyone should file a chargeback with their credit card company!

  4. Via YesWAP -
    On May 31, 2019 Tucows Inc., (the “Company”), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ting, Inc. (“Ting”), reached an agreement with STS Media Inc., (“STS Media), an MVNO operator doing business as Freedom Pop and Unreal Mobile brands, to acquire approximately 150,000 mobile subscribers currently on the Sprint network for a purchase price of up to $3.6 million.
    Read more at sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/909494/000143774919011556/tcx20190531_8k.htm

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