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FreedomPop Now Offering Free Plan On Any Network Thanks to Red Pocket Mobile

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Red Pocket Mobile has acquired two MVNO brands owned by STS Media: FreedomPop and UNREAL Mobile. Today, the company revealed that these two will soon be operational across all four major networks in the country.

Prior to today's announcement, both UNREAL Mobile and FreedomPop ran under AT&T and Sprint's networks. With the new change, this is the major change that has occurred since the acquisition.

Red Pocket Mobile has sent out a welcome message to FreedomPop customers this week promising that they do not have any major plan changes to announce. Instead, they did have some improvements lined up in the coming weeks. In addition, this is perhaps what made FreedomPop believe in Red Pocket being capable of accelerating their mission further.

The good news is that Red Pocket seems to be retaining the free starter plan offered by FreedomPop. Even though this plan came with limited minutes, texts and data, it put FreedomPop on the map. With today's announcement, customers can enjoy "Free wireless service. On any phone. On any major network. For the first time ever."

In addition of accelerating its growth, Red Pocket aims to improve customer support experience and eliminate the occurrence of random charges on the phone bills of FreedomPop customers. According to Director of Customer Experience Kaisha Barela, "We will deliver added transparency and service options to make FreedomPop not just 'freemium,' but premium!"

By making the free plan available across the major networks, it's safe to say that this acquisition is indeed turning out to be a step in the right direction for the brand.

Source: PRWeb


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  1. Will I have to buy new sim to stay on att with existing account? Will tmo and Verizon service also use VoIP number?

  2. So that's an interesting scenario. RP expects the current paying customers to subsidize the FP customers so that they can continue their free plans? I don't see that ending well!

  3. Redpocket to offer... not now offering.

  4. Is the transition happening soon? Ditto on Ichi's question... also curious on when Red Pocket takes over and offers base free service on other network.

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