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FreedomPop Shares What To Expect After Red Pocket Mobile Acquisition

Last week, it was reported that Red Pocket Mobile had acquired FreedomPop. In addition to Red Pocket, Ting also revealed that they acquired a portion of the company. The question now on everyone's mind is: what will happen to FreedomPop and its customers?

In a forum, FreedomPop answered these concerns and gave its customers an assurance that their services will not be impacted. The MVNO shared that they have worked hard in the last eight years to produce "competitive pricing to the talk, text, and data plan market."

FreedomPop believes that its partnership with Red Pocket will be able to accelerate the mission further. Especially since Red Pocket has deals with the four major carriers, they are well equipped to improve the availability and service of FreedomPop.

FreedomPop shared that existing GSM plans and services will not be affected or changed. Instead, the MVNO promises that customers can expect better products and customer service in the coming months. They also shared that Red Pocket is ranked as the leader for customer service.

FreedomPop also promised that valued customers will be among the first to get offers on new upgrades.

You can read the full post here.

Source: FreedomPop Forums 


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  1. Reputation. Ruined reputation hard to restore

  2. Uh-oh, "existing GSM plans" -- so Sprint plans WILL be affected.

    1. Sprint only works well in 10 or so US states. It's not like anyone's using it.

    2. Wrong. I have a free Unlimited talk, text 1GB of data that runs on Sprint’s 3G network with FreedomPop. It’s my emergency phone, But I would like to keep it.

  3. Hopefully new ownership means end of back to back scams that Freedompop is known for.

  4. With all due respect, I hope Red Pocket does not allow a group of non contributing users to move from FP expecting free service while the long time paying RP customers subsidize them--I think you would see a mutiny.

  5. So, as for CDMA, sold to Ting, so hard to lower price I am sure.

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