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Google Fi Phone Service Now Fully Restored

Earlier this week, Google Fi underwent a major outage. Some of its customers were unable to make or receive phone calls via their service.

Google quickly responded to the concern and promised that they were working on fixing it the soonest time possible. By 2:30 PM ET Monday, the outage was resolved. Google Fi customers were able to make and receive phone calls after this time.

During the outage, however, there were plenty of complaints on Twitter. Google even encouraged its users to make use of Hangouts Dialer as a temporary solution for the issue. Unfortunately, some customers were not pleased with this suggestion and threatened to cancel their service; especially since they were left without phone service during work hours.

The issue has come up only a day after extensive problems were experience by Google Cloud. This same issue affected significant Google apps like YouTube and Gmail.

You can read Google's thread on this forum topic here.

Source: The Verge 

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