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Here Are Boost Mobile's Latest Promotions

Early this week, there have been reports that Sprint would be selling its Boost Mobile prepaid brand so that its proposed merger with T-Mobile could be approved. So far, there have been rumors that Dish is in talks in acquiring the brand. But although that seems to be the latest news about the prepaid brand, it looks like it's business as usual for Boost. 

Today, a couple of new promotions were launched by the prepaid brand. The first is a buy one, get two free offer on the Moto G7 Play and the LG Stylo 4. The other promotion they have is for the Moto E5 Play. Switchers can get the device for free while new activations can get this device for $5. More details for the two promotions below: 

Buy One, Get Two Free

Boost Mobile is currently offering the Moto G7 Play and LG Stylo 4 to new customers and new adds. The promotion is not available for port ins. Customers can choose between the two devices and buy the three devices for $129.99. It is also okay to mix and match the two devices. For porters, the only condition is that they must port in from another non-Sprint provider. 

Moto E5 Play for $5

The other promotion that Boost Mobile is running is a discounted price on the Moto E5 Play. Customers that activate service under any Boost Mobile unlimited LTE data plan at least $50 can get the Moto E5 Play for $5. Non-Sprint porters can also enjoy the phone for free. 

Both promotions are available until June 30, 2019. 

To learn more about these offers, visit Boost Mobile's website.

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. Is this true? Boost Mobile asked me where I heard this. Just want verification...

  2. The deal is real
    It's an in store promotion
    Great news for existing customers
    Not sure of the $5 but PPP is reputable
    Take their word for it
    Thanks for the info PPP

    $35 PLAN
    6 GIGS

  4. Activation fee?

  5. Stylo 3 is said to be better. $200 for three Stylo4 phones is good but... Tax and in store activation...the merger is a billion plus times almost six, TMobile should pay it, Sprint should pay it, this is gouging both the consumer and franchisee, you took thousands and you knew these locations couldn't be profitable unless the owners wrote off losses on taxes, meanwhile port ins get free phones, low monthly rates, existing customers get a false hope, no dealers participate because they don't get reimbursed into profitability, they are glorified accessory shops, $20 cases? Boost needs to sell 3 Stylo4 phones at $150 the most, and pay the franchisee their initial investment for going in on a sinking ship, this is swindling on a glorified pyramid scheme

  6. It's $129.99, bit in some stores the phone is sold for $199.99
    Plus tax
    Plus fees
    And the various accessories
    Phones may not be in stock

  7. Boost customer care isn't aware of this for existing customers

  8. Is it for port ins or not
    Is it for existing customers or not

  9. Metro:
    LG Stylo 4
    You pay tax and activation fee
    Family plan is either 3 or 4 lines for $100 monthly
    Tax guesstimate is around $25
    Activation fee guesstimate is roughly $15
    All that to say the deal is probably $200 upfront
    Meanwhile Boost Mobile has 2 Stylo 4 phones for $200

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