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New Ting Customers Can Enjoy 20GB for $20 Per Month Plan

Back in May, Boom! Mobile discontinued its service under Sprint's network. Prior to the announcement, the MVNO made a deal with Ting so its existing customers could make a smooth transition.

The customers that decided to keep their service were able to score a great deal from Ting. They got to enjoy a $20 per month plan that included unlimited talk, text, and data. Now, it looks like Ting could be offering the same plan to new customers.

Before today's announcement, Ting does not offer any unlimited or traditional phone plans. Customers only got billed what they used. They were also offered service under tiers. With today's announcement, Ting has started to offer a $20 per month plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, and 20GB of data under Sprint's network.

This new plan offer is exclusively available to new customers who sign up before July 31st. Taxes, and fees are not yet included in the price. The condition is that customers need to keep the plan until December 31st. The MVNO plans to discontinue the plan by January 1, 2020. Its subscribers will also be automatically switched to the standard pay per usage plan model that Ting offers.

To know more about this new plan offer, visit Ting's website.

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  1. I realize that non-contract plans can be pulled at any time on any service, but it isn't worth my effort (and I realize that everyone is different) to sign up for a service that I know will sunset in 6 months.

    The title above makes it seem as if you can keep the rate for the foreseeable future, without any stated end date.

  2. No one from FP will pay $20 to move to Ting--free or nothing is their motto.

  3. Going from free to rather overpriced is a steep gradient. So it's not surprising.

  4. These FP customers likely include a substantial faction of R+ refugees, when they see a plan that is not only not free but has a run time of only six months, they will scatter.

    It would be interesting to see where they will eventually coalesce.

  5. Sign up by August 31 source Ting.com

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