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Red Pocket Mobile Acquires FreedomPop

STS Media, the company behind FreedomPop, has announced that they have sold the brand to Red Pocket Mobile. There is no exact number on how much the brand was sold but a source shares it is in the "high eight figures."

According to reports, the sale was STS' way of preparing to bid for Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost Mobile. Other companies have earlier expressed their interest in acquiring the prepaid brand even though there has been no final announcement yet.

Shortly after the announcement was made public, Ting tweeted that they have acquired a portion of FreedomPop. The tweet contains a link to an SEC filing made by the company that owns Ting, Tucows Inc. The document reveals that Ting purchased the CDMA (Sprint) customers of FreedomPop last May 31. The company also purchased CDMA customers from Unreal Mobile, which is another brand owned by STS Media.

As a whole, Tucows purchased 150,000. From this number, 100,000 customers were under FreedomPop's free plan, which probably explains why they were suddenly switched to another plan.

There has been no official announcement on whether or not Sprint will be selling off its Boost Mobile brand.

Source: Reuters 


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  1. Yep, explains the "sudden switch" to a paid plan... last minute cash grab by Freedompop.

  2. It's about time that fraudulent company closed it's doors...sadly their users are not great revenue makers so I hope this doesn't affect RP adversely.

  3. And all of them will cancel after the unapproved switch to 3.99 plans

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