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Red Pocket Mobile Welcomes FreedomPop Customers With Message

Just a few days after news of its acquisition circulated the internet, FreedomPop left behind a message to its customers.

The MVNO gave its customers some assurance about the status of the company and shared how it believes Red Pocket Mobile is the right partner to help accelerate their mission further. In addition to this, the company revealed that existing GSM plans and services will not be affected or changed by the acquisition.

For its part, Red Pocket has taken to HowardForums to share its welcome message to FreedomPop users. The company also shared that FreedomPop customers have more control and transparency on their billing.

At the time of posting, the company does not have any major plan changes to announce. But they do have some improvements to roll out in the coming weeks. Red Pocket assures customers that they are "committed to FreedomPop's legacy-- including a free tier that allows you to try our service". That means they won't be getting rid of the free service anytime soon.

They have also invited users to check out their current plans for any options they may be interested in. You can visit RedPocket's website here.

Source: HowardForums 


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  1. Freedompop's Legacy = continual to scam customers with unauthorized charges?

  2. I just need RedPocket to continue selling those 1GB month data only cards sold at Best Buy and Target IN RETAIL STORES. Don't want voice or text service at all.

  3. I have FreedomPop Netgear WiFi device. Doesn't work on Sprint only AT&T towers in Glenwood Iowa so will it still work with new buyers? It hasn't, I can't even get back on my FreedomPop account. What do I do now? Waited so long due to frustrated and looking for a new carrier

  4. I lost over $300.00 to Freedompop and banks told me they couldn't solve it and get my money back because there is no way to contact the company hope the new one works out

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