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Republic Wireless Reduces Workforce by 20%

Republic Wireless appears to be making significant changes to its company.

Earlier today, reports surfaced that the company laid off some of its employees and reduced its office space. According to WRAL TechWire, an estimated 20% number of the workforce were let go during the last week of May.

The MVNO's CEO and co-founder Chris Chuang shared that the decision was an effort of the company "to better align our organization and resources with our growth mission." The CEO promised that they were working closely with team members affected by the change to make sure they have the best possible transition.

An earlier article from the Triangle Business Journal reported that Bandwidth had amended its lease agreement with the MVNO. The company was said to have reduced its leased office space from 40,567 square feet to 17,071 square feet.

The reduction in office space was reportedly due to the company's decision to move its teams to its additional space at Centennial Campus situated in Raleigh's North Carolina State University.

Despite these changes, Republic Wireless promises that they "remain committed to growing both our Republic Wireless business and our new Relay product, a smarter and safer phone for kids, which recently became available in over a thousand Target stores around the country."

The reduction in office space may just seem coincidental, especially since it is not supposed to be as "dramatic as it appears on the surface."

Source: BestMVNO 

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