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T-Mobile & Sprint Could Be Making $6 Billion Deal With Dish

The latest news in T-Mobile and Sprint's proposed merger seems to be looking good for the two companies. Reports today have surfaced that the proposed merger is nearing getting regulatory approval. 

According to the reports, Dish Network is coming close to a $6 billion deal to purchase T-Mobile and Sprint assets. The report shares that the assets involved in the deal include wireless spectrum and Sprint's Boost Mobile prepaid brand. Reports of the deal emerged early this week, with a possibility of an official agreement announced before the week ends. 

In line with the new developments, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai has pledged his support for the proposed merger. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has not yet made any decision on its end. But considering T-Mobile and Sprint has shown interest in selling off its assets, it's likely going to gain the approval from the Justice Department. 

Last week, the Justice Department encouraged T-Mobile and Sprint to help create a fourth U.S. carrier to level the competition once the merger gets approved. Considering that Dish already owns some spectrum, it could create a new carrier with its purchase of more airwaves and the Boost brand. 

There are also some reports that the proposed merger could be approved by the Justice Department at the beginning of next week, the latest. The report comes from sources of CNN Business, who share that there are still ongoing negotiations. If the deal falls through, the Justice Department is ready to litigate against the deal. If the proposed merger does get an approval from the Justice Department, the pending lawsuit from 10 state attorneys general could weaken. 

Source: TmoNews 

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