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Xfinity Mobile Running Insane Deal on Apple iPad Purchases

Comcast's Xfinity Mobile is currently running an awesome promotion for Apple iPad tablets.

If you are interested in purchasing the tablet, this is your chance to get a discount of up to $360 on your iPad purchase via monthly bill credits.

The different iPad models are currently on sale by the Verizon powered MVNO:

  • 9.7-inch Apple iPad (2018) 32GB - $2.62 via 24 monthly payments (instead of $17.62) 
  • 10.5-inch Apple iPad Air (2019) 64GB - $8.62 via 24 monthly payments (instead of $23.62)
  • 7.9-inch Apple iPad mini (2019) 64GB - $5.54 via 24 monthly payments (instead of $20.54)
  • 10.5-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular Apple iPad Pro 64GB - $7.20 via 24 monthly payments (instead of $22.20)

In addition to the iPad model you decide to purchase, Xfinity Mobile will be charging a $10 monthly tablet line fee along with the data plan you selected.

To know more about this offer, visit Xfinity Mobile's website

Source: PhoneArena  


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  1. It's not an insane deal by any means. The tablet requires a 24 month commitment to realize the full savings, and the $10/month tablet fee negates 2/3 of the savings.

  2. $10 a month connection fee, plus data usage, I have boost mobile 5 lines for $100 and each line gets 12gb of hotspot to share with my ipad, So i have the insane deal lol

  3. so in general it is a good deal as a price discount of $15 off. on ipad 6th gen in store they even told me it is free, so $17 and a change off. But, then they hit You with a $10 connection fee PLUS $12 per giga plan or $45 or $50 for unlimited, something like that... Considering now all of that, over 24 month period, not a good deal...

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