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AT&T Prepaid Running Walmart-Exclusive Promotion for Limited Time Period

AT&T Prepaid has a new promotion specifically for new customers at Walmart.

According to today's announcement, customers can enjoy 25GB of high speed data when they activate a new line of service under the $50 per month plan along with their new prepaid phone purchase.

The plan typically comes with unlimited talk and text and 8GB of high speed data. With the promotion in place, you can enjoy 25GB of high speed data for the same price.

Customers can also opt for the Double the Data promotion that AT&T Prepaid is offering exclusively at Walmart. This promotion requires activation of a new line of service under the $50 per month plan and signing up for AutoPay discount. The plan is available for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) transactions or a new AT&T Prepaid phone purchase. Once the plan is activated and enrolled in AutoPay, the monthly price of the plan is discounted to $40 and the customer gets 16GB of data instead of 8GB.

Switchers also have a way of getting in on the action. Upon activating a new line of service under any prepaid plan and making a first payment, the customer can get a $25 credit from AT&T Prepaid.

These promotions are available until July 11, 2019. You can make a purchase via Walmart or online.

To learn more about the promotion, visit AT&T Prepaid's website.

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  1. The double the data promo is not exclusive to Walmart. The 8GB plan is doubled to 16GB through all other channels, at least through the 11th. You can see AT&T's website for yourself. The 25GB plan is the only exclusive plan and requires a Walmart-sold AT&T prepaid phone.

  2. Love my att prepaid! I just wish I didn't have to walk outside if my home to get a signal! But their prices for extra data are extremely generous

  3. Why not just switch to Visible, I mean they’re offering uncapped unlimited for $40?!!!

    1. If you can get great Visible service, it's a win, but in a lot of places it's highly deprioritized. AT&T doesn't run into these issues in most places, and Canada/Mexico roaming is included.

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