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Boost Mobile Lets Go of Some Employees

It looks like Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, has undergone a few layoffs in the past few days. As first reported by its founder Peter Adderton, most of its corporate marketing department has been fired by the company.

Because of the layoffs, Adderton sent out a tweet to the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make a decision about the $26.5 billion proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. As Adderton put it, the delay has caused hurt to "real people".

When prodded further, Sprint responded to the Kansas City Business Journal that the decision was made "to enhance our efficiency and nimbleness while we continue to aggressively compete in the Prepaid Wireless industry, we recently made some organizational changes to ensure our Prepaid business is structured appropriately."

Sprint also ensured that less than 5% of its employees were affected by the company restructuring.

Wave7 Research's Jeff Moore shared that "Of course, it remains to be seen where Boost winds up. But at least for now, this seems to be an indication that Sprint -- short on cash -- needs to cut corners and doesn't believe that Boost is part of its long-term future, and that makes it a logical choice beforehand."

It's also possible that this is a move that Sprint has done as it prepares to divest Boost, along with its other assets, to meet some regulatory requirements for its proposed merger to be approved. Prior to today's news, it has been reported that Dish Network Corp. is in talks to acquire the prepaid brand, as well as other assets.

Read the full report here.

Source: BizJournals 


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  1. Working for Boost sucks!!!
    I had several Boost stores and let me tell you, almost every quarter they would reduce our commission structure. I remember at the beginning of 2015 they cut 50% of our commission. Who in the world can do business like that. I sold everything in 2016. I'm glad I got out, never looked back. From there on things got worse. I wish every dealer owner very much of luck.

    1. Commission is a bad way to run retail anyway; it tends to encourage surly, smarly, employees who don't cooperate with each other.

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