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Cricket Wireless Unveils New Premium Device Insurance Plan

Earlier today, Cricket Wireless unveiled a new service that it offers to its prepaid customers. The new service comes in the form of a device protection plan called Cricket Protect Plus.

According to the AT&T prepaid brand, this device protection plan works as a premium insurance plan that costs $10 per month. This means that it is different from the base Cricket Protect insurance plan that the prepaid brand offers at $7 per month.

Basically, the two device insurance plans offers protection against these:

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Accidental or liquid damage
  • In-warranty exchanges
  • Out of warranty mechanical or electrical malfunction

With the insurance plan in place, you can get a replacement for a lost, stolen, or broken device. 

For another $3 per month, however, Cricket customers can upgrade their plan to Cricket Protect Plus. This plan adds extra benefits to the base insurance plan offered by the prepaid brand. At $10 per month, customers can get these services:

  • Interactive tech support (chat or call via myExpert app) for assistance on loading apps, device questions, and personalized support for anything connected to the customer's device like smart home devices such as thermostats, smart speakers, security systems, and more. 
  • 50GB of cloud storage via myPhotoVault app 

If you are an active Cricket customer who is interested in signing up for this premium insurance plan, you can bring your device to the nearest Cricket Wireless store in your area. 

Source: Cricket Wireless 

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