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FreeUp Mobile Lowers Free Plan to 250 Minutes and Texts

FreeUp Mobile has made some changes to its free plan.

As noted by a user on Howard Forums, the AT&T MVNO has dropped the number of free calls and text to 250. Prior to today's changes, FreeUp's free plan came with 1,000 minutes or 1,000 texts. The new change offers only 250 calls or 250 minutes.

The good news is-- those who already have a plan under FreeUp's free plan are able to retain their choice of free 1,000 minutes or 1,000 texts. Unfortunately, those who only signed up for service after the change will only receive 250 calls or 250 minutes.

The forum post shows that FreeUp has grandfathered the plan and its existing customers. This means that those who renew their plan will still be able to keep the 1,000 minutes or 1,000 texts they signed up for. This allocation remains the same as long as the customer retains the plan and makes no changes to it.

To learn more about FreeUp Mobile's plans, visit their website.

Source: Howard Forums 

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  1. "The new change offers only 250 calls and 250 minutes."

    I'm sure you mean 250 calls and 250 texts. To be clear, however it's a combination of 250 talk OR text not talk and text. The previous plan was a combination of 1000 talk OR text. Essentially, FreeUp cut the free plan by 75%. Like a poster said in another thread, Christine sometimes it appears that you have NFI what you're talking about.

  2. Just a slight correction. It is 250 calls or texts in any combination not both. Similarly 1000 calls or texts. Those with the even older 500 mins/texts and 100mb are still able to renew that plan.

  3. Beginning of the end?

  4. For clarification, the following was copied from freeup's website:

    "250 Talk OR Text"

  5. It is not 1000 talk AND 1000 text. It’s 1000 talk OR 1000 texts or a combination thereof up to 1000.

  6. The rule of one free account is being abused, you can thank those people for the allocations being lowered. Sadly the allocations are remaining the same for the abusers while new customers suffer the consequences. They get zero revenue from most of these people--they should just do away with the free plans! Personally I'm tired of subsidizing the freeloaders multiple free accounts.

    1. LOL how can you abuse a limited plan? They offer a plan and place no restrictions on multiple accounts.

    2. "*Any unused data add-on option will NOT rollover to your next billing cycle and shall be forfeited. Subscribers on the Free Plan must login to “MyAccount” at the end of each billing cycle and manually renew Free Plan or choose to upgrade and initiate auto renew. A valid card on file is required and there is a limit of one Free Plan per person."

      One free account per person seems clear to me but I suppose you have to know how to read and follow rules. Post above seems correct.

  7. Or it could just be that FreeUp had more people open free accounts than they were expecting.

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