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LG Harmony 3 Coming to Cricket Wireless Soon

Cricket Wireless will soon be offering the latest LG Harmony smartphone.

The information was revealed by Evan Blass on Twitter, along with a render image of the LG Harmony 3.

The tweet, unfortunately, does not include any information on the specs of the upcoming LG smartphone.

But based on the photo, it does appear that this iteration of the LG Harmony comes with a taller and thinner screen compared to its previous model. Another speculation is that this device will come with thinner bezels.

In addition to the screen and bezels, the render shows a flash for the front-facing camera. The device is also said to run LG's latest UX 8.0 upon unboxing.

When it launches, the LG Harmony 3 could have a retail price no lower than $200.

Source: PhoneArena 


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  1. The LG Harmony 3 is the same phone as the LG K40

  2. That’s what I was wondering if they are the same phone , but the camera specs don’t match . They say the k40 front camera is 8 megapixels and the harmony 3 front camera is a 5 megapixel ?

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